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These cats are either Pending Adoption, on Hold, or Coming Soon.

The cats that are Pending Adoption usually mean they have been matched with their forever family but the appointment to complete the adoption at PetSmart is pending. 

The cats that are on hold have gotten multiple applications and we are taking them offline so we can work with the current applications first to see if one will make the perfect home.

The cats that are Coming Soon will soon be available for adoption, and if you have interest in one of these cats, please contact us for more information.

CMCR #2484
DSH - Brown/Black/Cream Tabby
Approximate Age: 12 years old
Available: Adopted
Esther is a sweet little lady who still loves to play quite a bit. Her play style is more independent as she doesn't interact with other cats much.
She really enjoys someone petting her and she ok being held.
We think her preference would be to live in a quiet house with one or two calm people and without other pets. She gravitates towards mature women for comfort. She can get along with other nice cats, but it doesn't seem to be her preference. Esther is older, independent, and has her own ideas about things.
Esther can be a little hesitant with new people. She will need a calm home and person in order to thrive, but she will bring a lot of joy to her person and will be a wonderful companion.
She has good litter box habits.
Adoption fee: $80

Panda and Pete (Bonded pair)
CMCR #2696
Female & Male Siblings
Panda - White with Black DSH
Pete - Black with White DSH
Approximate Age: 4 months
Date Available – Adopted
This pair of kittens are the most adorable little things! They love each other so much and Panda really relies of Pete to show her the ropes and takes after her big brother.
Panda loves playing with her brother and the two are so fun to watch. She has the cutest little face and uses a little squeak when her brother is playing too rough.
Pete, was originally named Petunia until finding out he was a male. He loves to follow and sleep with his human after he gets to know you. Whenever you come home, Pete comes to the door for greetings.
You end up having to watch your feet with these two. They will also escort you into the kitchen and help you with the fridge. If the house is cat proofed, they may be ok with someone who works outside the home for short hours.
They both love the fishing pole and she likes a good laser. They both love to climb, so a tall cat tree will do them well. They both enjoy tunnels, and electronic toys to keep them going . They love playing with their humans and of course right now, everything is a toy.
They will want plenty of cuddles. Pete is very emotional, and definitely wants human attention and love. He will look at you with his slightly surprised eyes and let you know he wants snuggled.
Neither are shy of new people.
They are both good with older cats. They like to sleep by them and they have learned to keep a distance from grumpy cats. They have never met a dog.
This pair is ready to call their new humans family and make a forever home and family. 
Apply today if you think that could be you!
Adoption Fee - $350 / pair

CMCR #2675
Orange/Buff Tabby - DSH
Approximate Age: 3 months
Date Available – Adopted
My name is Mac and I was born with a kinked tail, like my brother, which adds some unique qualities to my appearance.
I love to eat and will let you know when I'm hungry.
I'm very curious about things, but am slow to check it out. I'm still learning to have confidence with people. I can be held and petted and will eat treats out of your hand, but I just need some time to adjust.
I love to play with toys, but am still learning to play with humans and kids.
I will need to go to a home with one of my siblings or a home with another cat that will help show me that way.
I am unsure of loud voices or sudden noises while playing, so a calm home is best for me. 
Is you home ready to welcome me?
Adoption Fee - $175 

CMCR #2557 
Milo is an approximately 6 years old
 DSH black with white.
Date Available: Adopted
NOW @ Cascade Station PetSmart
9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220
Milo has a unique fur coat. The top hair is black but the under coat is white. Depending on the light, you can see faint stripes, like a tabby, in his coat.
Milo is a very curious, outgoing and busy boy. He is very affectionate when he decides to sit still. He gives head butts and enjoys being petted. He doesn't like to be held but always happy to sit on a lap for chin scratching and lots of pets!
Milo likes to explore and watch out the window. His needs are simple and even though he is 6 years old he is very active and will need toys and people to play with.
He could do well with another cat if they are playful and match his energy level but also would do ok on his own with a family that will give him lots of love and attention.
He is a very sweet boy and will be a wonderful addition to a loving busy home that fits him.
Adoption fee: $130

CMCR #2610
DSH - Brown Tabby with White
Approximate Age: 4 months old
Date Available – Adopted
 Noodle was born into foster care and has always been the smallest, yet the most feisty of her siblings. She can outwrestle them all. 
She loves chasing and toys and everything active. She is an excellent jumper and jumps really high up walls, catching shadows or wand toys, there's so much energy in this little body! But when she calms down, she's ready for pets and snuggles, the perfect mixture of sugar and spice.
Noodle is also a very brave kitten. Things that make her siblings hide just made her more curious, whether it be toddlers, brooms or dishwashers, she wants to be near the action.
She's very smart and totally litter trained. Because of her energy, curiosity and fearlessness, this kitten might love dogs, toddlers, adventuring around the globe on a leash and harness; she's ready for anything. She gets along well with older, friendly kitties too.
 Noodle will need an active pet playmate in her new home that can match her energy and play style.
Adoption fee: $175



CMCR #2724


Medium Hair Ragdoll Mix

Age: 3 months 


Available: Hold


Pike is a sweet, beautiful little kitten. Once she decides to love you, she'll be in your lap from dawn to dusk. If laps aren't available, Pike plays hard with her sister, Yashi, or with any string she can get her paws on. When she cuddles, her purr-motor never stops. She and her sister, Yashi, love to play together and would be a great pair. 


Pike would love a mellow home that's not super busy, where she has a lap to snuggle in and lots of toys to play with.  While she would love a play buddy in her new home, we think an attentive family could fill that void, as long as she didn't have a lot of alone time.

Adoption fee: $250



CMCR #2725


DSH – Black. And White


Age: 3 months 


Available: Hold


This fluffy angel will steal your heart! When she's not curled up in her donut bed, she loves to clumsily play soccerand carry toys around in her mouth. Yashi is a brave little toaster, very malleable, and gets along with everybody. She and her sister, Pike, love to play together and would be a great pair. 


Yashi's mellow personality makes her a great candidate for most any type of home.  She is great with other friendly cats, (she hasn't met a dog), and we think she will be good with respectful kids. While she would love a play buddy in her new home, we think an attentive family could fill that void, as long as she didn't have a lot of alone time and had plenty of activity.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2674
Orange/Buff Tabby - DSH
Approximate Age: 3 months
Date Available – Adopted
I'm a beautiful orange kitten with a small kink at the end of my tail.
I love to play with my siblings and am learning to play with toys and humans.
I am still learning to trust humans, but have come a long way. I can be held and petted, but am still learning to be comfortable.
I need a home that can give me time to adjust.
I will need to have a sibling or another cat in the house to help me build confidence and be a companion. I'm am unsure of kids.
Will you take a chance with me?
Adoption Fee - $175 

CMCR #2619
Blue eyed DSH buff with pale apricot striped body and dark apricot stripes on head and tail.

Approximate Age: 1 year old
Available: Adopted
NOW at Happy Valley PetSmart
9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086
Redford is so handsome and unique! He has a special color combination that is both delicate and dynamic.
Redford is full of love and personality. He requires a LOT of attention and stimulation, and wants to be with his people and pet companions constantly. Redford is a talkative, vocal cat, and he will let you know if he doesn't get what he craves. He has a typical Siamese personality that is an attention seeker and can tend to be a little hyperactive.
When he settles, he can be a snuggly buddy who wants to be in bed with you at night sleeping on top of your chest. He enjoys being held and will sit on a shoulder and often likes to be carried around.
Redford is easy to purr when he gets love and attention. He is a curious explorer and will get into things due to his curiosity. Redford's has never met a closed door he doesn't want to get to the other side of, so leave all the inside doors open!
Redford is an outgoing cat that would enjoy (and needs) an active, busy home where there are other friendly welcoming kitties he can play with. 
He would really like to take on the role of being a big brother to a kitten(s).
Redford likes to walk on a leash and explore!
Come meet him today!
Adoption fee: $165

CMCR #2508
DSH - Brown Tabby
Approximate Age: 6.5 months
Date Available – Adopted
NOW @ Happy Valley PetSmart

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086
Eugene is a very intelligent man. He is wise beyond his years.... Well months, lol. 
Eugene is one of those sweet kitties that is young at heart, but has an old soul.
This boy is sweet and gentle. He is the most cuddly amongst his brothers.
Don't let the sweetness fool you, this boy is still in teenager stage and will get spurts of energy once he feels safe and secure in his new home.
Consider adopting Eugene with a brother. These boys are so great with each other - and a pair of them would love to be together forever in a calm, predictable indoor-only home.
Adoption Fee - $175

SC & Jodi (Bonded Siblings)
CMCR #2593 & #2592
Male & Female Siblings
Both DSH- Grey Tabbies
Approximate Age - 5 months old
Jodi and SC are a brother/sister duo that are bonded. 
They play together, and snuggle together. If one is in another room, the other will meow for them – wanting to know where they are. 
These kittens are pretty inseparable, and we can’t wait to send them home together.
Meet Jodi! She is a kind-hearted and spirited kitten with a playful and adventurous nature, Jodi embodies the essence of a rough and tumble companion. 
Her vibrant personality shines through her inquisitive eyes and graceful movements.
Meet SC, short for Soft Cat, this adorable ball of fur is on the hunt for a forever home filled with love and playfulness! He is sweet and soft in personality. This delightful kitten is the epitome of cuteness, with big, expressive eyes that will melt your heart.
They love literally all toys! Tunnels are some of their favorites! Soft toys that can throw around and feathers on a stick they can chase after are also great! They love jumping! Anything interactive (besides wresting and chasing each other).
This pair is full of energy, always ready for a game of chase or a playful pounce. But don't be fooled by the endless playfulness; these little felines knows how to turn on the charm and curl up in your lap for some serious cuddle time. They can be really affectionate and come right to you for some love – but this is always after playtime – in the short spurts when they are worn out. 
We expect them to be little cuddle-bugs when they get older, but right now it is brief moments in between all their adventures.
A family that can provide a nurturing environment and engage in interactive play would be a perfect match for their endless energy. Warning - these siblings will play  hours a day, so wearing them our before bedtime is recommended or else they will play all night. 
Because they have each other – they don’t necessarily need other animals in the home. They have done well with adult cats, but they can be a handful and can get in the adult's face trying to play – so one that will tolerate and engage with the little spitfires is needed. 
These kitties have never met a dog, but a cat-friendly dog, that again is okay with kitties being all over them could be fine with a proper introduction. Anyone that will play with them will get big purrs and wins their little hearts.
This active pair needs a very active family, ones home a lot to play and snuggle with them. A household with children or a energetic family is preferred so they can keep them entertained!
They have good litter box manners.
If you are ready for a wild pair of kittens to win over your heart, apply for this pair!
Adoption fee - $350 / pair


CMCR #2600


DSH- Brown Tabico with White

Approximate Age - 5 months old

Date Available - Pending

Willow is a love bug. He will lay over your feet to be picked up. He has a big purr and melts in your arms.

Don't let Willow's sweetness fool you, he is also very playful and enjoys wrestling and chasing toys with siblings. He will take a time out for some cuddles, but then go right back to playtime.

Willow loves playing with his siblings and is going to need a kitty playmate in his forever home. 

He is great with children, and other animals. 

Adoption Fee - $175


CMCR #2672


Grey Tabby - DMH

Approximate Age: 3 months

Date Available –  Pending

This girl is gorgeous, and hard to not take a million photos of! But behind her beauty is a timid girl.

She will play with her siblings and is learning to play with toys and humans. Tunnels are one of her favorites!

Misty can easily learn to trust with treats and love. But at first she is a scared girl. She hisses and backs away, but it is only out of fear, she is never aggressive. Once you earn her trust (mostly through treats), she will reward you with the loudest purr!

She loves to get pets and likes to be held and can fall asleep in your arms, but this behavior takes time to earn. She loves to lounge and watch what you are doing and she may come close to you to investigate, but staying just out of reach until that bond is created.

Misty needs a home that can give her time to adjust, but will continually work with her to build those bridges and accept her as family. She need a hands-on family that will build confidence.

She likes to play with her siblings, but mostly watch them too. We think she will do well with other cats in her forever home, but they aren't necessary as long as she get plenty of attention from her people. She is unsure of kids and loud noises, so a calm home is a best.

Are you ready to make Misty your kitten princess?

Adoption Fee -$175


CMCR #2656


DSH - Black

Approximate Age: 4 months old

Date Available: Hold ( medical)


Krim is a petite little black kitten. This girl is too cute to resist!

She is a bit more free-thinking and likes to figure out her environment herself before she settles in. However, she is easily won over by butt scritches. She twists her head around to lick you while you scratch.

Despite her petiteness, she still likes to run around and rough house with her kitten pals. She loves cat trees and treats them like a vertical raceway.

Although she will lie down next to you and climb on you for cuddles, she does not like being picked up. She also loves to burrow in blankets. Her sweet and constant purring will win you over.

She needs kitten companionship and would do best with a playmate! If interested in adopting a pair, please consider adopting with with her sister Tigerella.

Adoption Fee -$175 


CMCR #2654


DSH - Tortoiseshell Mix

Approximate Age: 4 months old

Date Available: Hold (medical)

Meet Tigerella! This lovely lady has some distinctive eyebrows. She cannot help but draw attention, which is good because she loves it!

She enjoys being petted and is very snuggly. You will be rewarded with lots of purring.

She is also a bit rambunctious and when she wants to play there is little that will stop her. Her favorite toys are the ones with the balls in the track, on which she will wear herself out before coming back to you to cuddle.

She thrives on companionship and would do best with a playmate! If interested in adopting a pair, please consider adopting with with her sister Krim.

Adoption Fee -$175

****** Featured Cat ******

Bam Bam

CMCR #2543


DSH – Black and White Tuxedo

Approximate Age: 9 months old

Date Available – Pending

NOW at Happy Valley PetSmart

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086

Bam Bam is the sweetest cat you could ever hope to meet.

Bam Bam likes to climb cat trees and play with toys he can toss in the air and roll around with. He loves tunnels and human interacting toys, such as “cat fishing” poles.

Bam Bam is a big love and snuggler. He loves his human contact and would be happy with an attentive family. Bam Bam is good with kids. Bam Bam will be a sweet addition to an easy-going home.

He grew up with his two younger brothers and Bam Bam is a wonderful, doting big brother and they adore him. He also gets along really well with his mom, Yami. If you are considering a pair, Bam Bam would love to do home with younger brother Dexter, or mom Yami. Bam Bam is such a good kitty with all other cats he has met to date, and although he has never met a dog, he may do well with one of those too, as long as their is a appropriate acclimation and introduction. 

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2658


DSH - Dilute Flame point Siamese

Approximate Age: 12 weeks old

Date Available: NOW

Pear is almost completely white, but with dilute flamepoint Siamese coloring and is the largest of his littermates.

He loves to expend his energy through play. He will chase and pounce on toys and littermates alike.

A bit stubborn, he will communicate with you when he wants your attention. When he’s worn himself out, he will snuggle up to you to recuperate.

He would do well as either a single cat as long as he gets lots of toys and play with his people or in a home with other pets. He does great with other cats and although has never met a dog, would likely do well with them too.

Adoption Fee -$250


CMCR #2065


DLH - Tan/Black/Chocolate Tabby

Approximate Age: 9.5 months old as of March 15, 2023

Date Available: HOLD

Snacks is a nearly one-year-old, magically fluffy and petite girl. She is gentle and playful, and when you cradle her she turns to mush and purrs. She is the cutest thing ever!

The catch is: well, you have to catch her. Her foster family works day by day to re-program her instincts to not run away from people. They will make sure her that new family knows how to keep her on the right track and continue to progress.

A quiet, calm and stable home with with other friendly kitties and not many places to hide will be necessary for this timid girl. She will need a friendly, playful and welcoming kitty pal to show her the ropes as she enjoys other cats and friendly dogs, but takes time to warm up to people. She will be an excellent companion for another lonely kitty.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2064


Domestic Medium Hair - Tabby

Approximate Age: 7 months as of January 15th, 2023

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION in the FTA program

Truffle is a young, playful, cuddly boy looking for a home with other furry friends to love. His current foster home has three cats and a small dog and he wants nothing more than to be everyone’s bestie.

He is soft and fluffy and purrs constantly. He is a sensitive and gentle kitty that will take a little time to get comfortable, but once he does you’ll wonder what you did without him!

Truffle grooms himself well, and is a good litter box user.

Adoption fee: $175

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