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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue that is foster-based and serving primarily Portland Metro Area dedicated to improving the lives of cats and kittens. 

We work towards improving the lives of stray and unwanted cats and kittens in our community. Part of our intake is also with abandoned and owner surrender cats, as well as, taking in cats from our partners. 

We help control the cat population with Trap - Neuter - Return (TNR) of feral cats READ MORE HERE and attempt to find owners of lost cats. 

Cat's Meow Cat Rescue attempts to find homes for all cats which come into our care in order for them to have a better life. Whether that be a safe TNR, a new domesticated (indoor) home, or a barn home.

We are all volunteers and we collect no wage or in any way benefit financially from​ this group.

Thank you for joining our mission! 

News and Events

Does your employer match any donation you make to a non profit? Please click the link above to check and see if they do. 

Believe it or not, cats can’t drive....even though the picture above shows otherwise. The kitties we help need transportation to and from their appointments at FCCO and we usually have 1-2 appointments per week during busy season.

Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue is looking for a driver! If you would love to help our group but don’t want to be out trapping cats or fostering kittens, would being a driver to/from FCCO be something you’d be interested in?

Drop off at FCCO (in SW Portland north of the Sellwood Bridge) is usually between 7-8 am and pickup is between 4-5 pm. If only mornings or only afternoons work for you, we're flexible.

Please send us a message if interested. 

Thank you!

Many people knew and loved Betty White for the work she did in Hollywood, but she would always say that her real passion was animals.

The legendary entertainer died at the age of 99 on Dec. 31.

White’s passion has led many of her fans to come together to continue to further that passion by saving animals.

You have probably seen posts encouraging people all over social media to donate to a local shelter in honor of what would have been White’s 100th birthday on Jan. 17.

Cat's Meow Cat Rescue would love to be the recipient of your honor of Betty White. Thank you!

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