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Are you interested in being a Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue Volunteer?

There are many different needs and opportunities in cat rescue so there is a good chance of finding an opportunity that fits your energy level and time availability.

Some of the opportunities are:

•Feeding and/or trapping community cats or feral cat colonies.

•Transporting cats to and from veterinarian clinics for neuter/spay procedures or other medically necessary appointments, or to shelter venues for adoption.

•Fostering cats in a variety of circumstances:

   oCats that have been trapped and are being held until their neuter/spay procedures.

   oCats being held until they are able to go to their adoption venue.

   oMoms and kittens until kittens can be weaned, mom and kittens neutered/spayed and moved to adoption venue.

•Help with fundraising events and fundraising ideas

•Outreach to the community regarding Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue mission

Any other ideas are appreciated as well

Please contact us if you are interested!


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