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Hello friends and neighbors!

Please allow me to introduce The Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue. We are a small group of dedicated individuals in the Gladstone and Jennings Lodge neighborhoods who started a non-profit cat rescue group because we saw the need to help cats in this area.

We are registered with the State of Oregon and have our 501(c)3 designation which means we will give a receipt for any donation of money or supplies for a deduction on your taxes. We have a bank account and PayPal account which will be used solely to fulfill our mission of helping cats live better lives.

Our mission is to help improve the overall lives of cats in our neighborhoods and help find homes for cats. We will do this in many ways from trap-neuter-return (TNR) to finding placement for abandoned or unwanted cats. We promise to behave ethically, honestly and always with the best interests of our community in mind. 

We would love to gain your support and look forward to hearing from you. 

Please reach out to us if you need help with a feral cat/colony or if you know of an abandoned or unwanted

cat who needs help. By keeping the feral population under control and re-homing cats in need, we will all live in a better community.

Thank you, Team CMCR

Brenda, a Gladstone resident, has been involved in helping cats in the Gladstone area for many years. She is passionate about fostering cats in transition. 

She is the Foster Champion and assists with all other functions to include adoptions, outreach and government compliance.



Angela, a resident of Jennings Lodge, became involved in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) after discovering a colony of feral cats in her back yard. She is passionate about the health and well being of feral cats. 

She is the Adoption Champion and also leads social media and fundraising. 


Vice President

Marion, an Oregon City resident, got involved in cat rescue when her daughter offered to take in 4 feral kittens. 4 kittens turned into 21 and so she found Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue to help her out. She became a member of the group after getting to know the other members and seeing the great work they do.

Not only is Marion the Queen Cat Secretary which is responsible for meeting minutes and  documentation, she also assists with fostering and adoptions. 


Queen Cat Secretary

Shona, a Gladstone resident and mother of two daughters, has been involved with cat rescue for many years. She is passionate about cats with special needs and helping to find their fur-ever home. 

She is our Foster Program Manager which coordinates our network of fosters allover the Portland metro area. She coordinates supplies so we have ample supplies for the groups needs. 


Foster Program Manager

Lisa is a Gladstone resident and mother of one son, became involved in cat rescue after her cat went missing and was re-homed without proper vetting. She discovered a feral cat colony and learned about Trap Neuter Return (TNR), which led to becoming involved in cat rescue. 

She is our Rescue Coordinator and assists with lost and stray cats to ensure our group is following all legal and moral requirements to find their home before placed into our network for adoption. 


Rescue Coordinator

Cara lives in Gladstone. She became interested in rescuing cats after her sister relocated to Oregon along with eleven cats. They set up a catio at home and have been helping cats in need ever since. 


Board Member