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Cats Available For Adoption

You can access our adoption application here: 


For information and instructions please see the main Adoptions page.


At Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue, we don’t adopt kittens or cats on a “first-come-first-served” basis. There’s a process we follow to help match each kitty to the best home possible!

The Cat's Meow Cat Rescue website page is currently under construction so the available cats and kittens are not updated. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that we can get it back to being updated soon. In the meantime, please visit our PetFinder page to see which cats are available with updated photos and biographies. 

*The link to apply is still correct on this page*. 

****** Featured Cat ******
CMCR # 2623
DSH - Black with a white neck splotch.
Approximate Age - 7 months old
Available for adoption: NOW @ Cascade Station PetSmart

9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220 

Silky is a wonderful kitten filled with so much love, she just wants cuddles and face scratches. Her loud purr can be heard across the room!
She’s a sucker for sitting and laying out in the sun and loves to meow at birds. 
Silky is full of energy, has intense speed and her favorite thing is to play fetch. She will need a space that is big enough to hold the amount of energy she has. Silky loves to jump and would need a big cat tree to dangle herself off of.
She has great litter box manners.
Silky needs space, stimulation and toys. She would prefer a single cat household so all the cuddles and face scratches are all for her. Silky is waiting for a indoor-only home of her own with her people around a lot.
Adoption fee: $175

Blanche and Rose

CMCR #2654 and #2653

Female Sisters

DSH - Both kittens are black and white

Age: 4 months


Available: NOW @ Cascade Station PetSmart

9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220 

Blanche and Rose are very sweet, cuddly and social kittens that love each other and their people. Raised as bottle-fed babies, they are comfortable around people, other cats, welcoming dogs and would love a family of their own. 


These girls are also very playful and crave a home with people, or other fun cats to play with.  After a fun play time they will curl up with their people and snuggle.


Their ideal home would be one where they are real family menbers, around their people day and night.  These love bugs will bring such joy to their household and you will wonder what was like before they arrived!

Adoption fee: $350 pair



CMCR #2655


DSH – Black

Age: 4 months 


Available: NOW @ Cascade Station PetSmart

9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220 

Sophia is an exuberant kitten who loves to explore, climb and exibit her acrobatic prowess. She is a funny, goofy kitty who enjoys all the things that kittens love to do. She is playful, curious and outgoing. She is a kitten that plays hard with tunnels, cat trees, toys and her kitten littermates.


Sophia will need a playmate that can match her playstyle and energy without dominating her.  She loves a good romp and when worn out, will love a cuddle and a nap.  She will bring energy to the home and will be a wonderful companion to the humans in the home as well.  


Sophia loves her people and everything a wonderful life has to offer.  As a bottle baby, she doesn't have many inhibitions.


Her ideal home would have lots of kitten fun, a playful, passive and athletic kitten playmate and LOTS of human love to give to her.


Sophia will need an indoor-only home as she has no skills to be safe outdoors.

Adoption fee: $175



CMCR #2507



DSH - Brown Tabby


Approximate Age: 7 months 


Date Available – NOW @ Happy Valley PetSmart

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086


Grover is a sweet, passive, sensitive and gentle kitten, an old soul, so to speak.  He has a mature face with a long facial structure that make him look very distinguished. He is a big boy, over 6 pounds and only 7 months old!


Grover enjoys other nice cats and calm people. He has a wonderful warmth about him.  He is a true lap cat, seeking out people to cuddle with and head butt.


Grover is an inquisitive kitty, he will investigate and explore his new domain. He is playful and fun. He can get the wild, rambunctious play zoomies and will enjoy a playful wrestling pal on occasion. He is awkward in his play since his mind is still catching up with how fast he is growing! He loves shoes and likes to sharpen his claws on them, so a gentle redirection to a scratcher would help him know his boundaries. He is also a climber and would love a tall cat tree.


Grover's ideal forever home will be a more calm indoor-only life. Children are okay as long as they are  respectful. And he does well with other welcoming cats, but does not need one in his new home as long as his people are attentive to him and have lots of time to spend with this lovely boy.


He has an innocence about him that is endearing

Adoption fee: $175


Nelly (Petronella)

CMCR #2686


DSH – Black/Brown/Tan Tabby


Age: 4.5 months old.


Date Available – Now.


Nelly is one darling little girl who is very playful and loves interactions of all kinds! Her favorite toys are any and all toys! She has a lot of energy and loves to run around, the more room she has, the better! 


Nelly would do great in a household with at least one other friendly

cat – she is very curious and playful and is rarely alone.  She loves to snuggle with her foster brothers and sisters. She is the perfect lap cat as well as being independent, and would adapt to her new surroundings easily.


She is the perfect blend of snuggly lap cat and an independent missy.

Adoption fee $175


CMCR #2627
Grey Tabby with White - DSH
Approximate Age: 5 months
Date Available –  NOW @ Happy Valley PetSmart

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086

Part of a litter of seven, Sumac is used to coming first at things. She was the first to be born, the first to open her eyes, and the first to learn to walk. But now Sumac finds herself as the last of her siblings to find a home! Could it be with you?
Sumac loves to play play play! She enjoys teaser wands, balls, cat trees, cardboard boxes, you name it! All that play doesn't stop her from being an absolute love bug though. Sumac is a bit of a velcro kitty who takes great pleasure in following her people from room to room and being a part of the day's activities. She loves to rub up against your legs, headbutt your hand for pets, and purr and purr. Sumac is also quite the shoulder cat, and if given the chance, will gladly leap onto your shoulder and go for a ride. Since she is so people oriented, Sumac will need a home where she is not left alone for too long, especially as she adjusts to her new environment.
Sumac is a bit sensitive to loud noises and so a home with young children or with a lot of hustle and bustle will not be the best fit for her. She has been raised with a small dog whom she loves very much, and would likely do well with a cat-friendly dog given a slow and proper introduction. Sumac will need to be placed in a home with another young cat as a playmate since she is used to having six siblings around to keep her occupied!
Like the spice of her name-sake tree, Sumac is sure to liven up your life!
Adoption Fee - $175 

Ashley  (Ash)
CMCR #2676

Possible Russian Blue Mix


Age: 4 months


Date Available – Now


Ashley is a gorgeous little lady with mesmerizing greenish/gold eyes. She has a wonderfully playful side and entertains herself  with her many toys, often running around with a spring in her mouth before darting into her tunnel. She loves climbing her cat tree and sitting on the top platform looking out the window.

She isn't a rambubctious kitten, but more of an old soul. She loves adult, welcoming and playful cats;  kitten energy can be too much for this sweet girl. Once comfortable, Ashley is quite curious, full of energy and loves to explore and play. She is a very well mannered kitty and doesn't get into things she isn't suppose to.


Ashley has a timid, cautious side and will take a bit of time to warm up to new people and a new home. She loves treats so they are a great way to win her heart.


We recommend a small space for her to get used to before a whole house introduction. Once comfortable, she is a sweet a cuddly lap kitten with a very loud happy purr and will make a wonderful companion. She will often look to snuggling up to you in bed.


Ashley will be most comfortable in a calm, predictable and quiet home. We believe she will thrive with a welcoming kitty who can help with her confidence and show her the ropes. She would most likely bond easiest with one or two people.


She is very tidy and has great litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $175



CMCR #2682


DSH – Chocolate Point Siamese Mix

Age: 4 months 

Available: NOW


Billie is a sweet, playful kitten who grew up with four brothers.

As the smallest of the litter, she learned how to hold her own against her brothers and the other cats in her foster home.  Raised as a bottle fed kitten, she is social, playful and cuddly.  She loves to climb, romp, wrestle and play chase.


She does not like to be alone and will meow if she finds herslf away from her family and the other kitties. She loves to sleep with the older kitties in the house.


She is comfortable with friendly kids and other cats and will need a welcoming kitty playmate in her new home. 

She has an eye injury that is healing.


A tall kitty tree will be necessary for this little climber.

Adoption fee: $250



CMCR #2678


DSH – Black with a white splotch on her chest.


Age: 4 months old.


Date Available – Now

Timber is a bold, outgoing, all-black kitten (except for a little white chest patch).
She loves to explore everywhere. She’s quiet, but brave and friendly and is always the first of her litter to approach a new human or animal.

She’s great with people and other cats. 


Consider adopting her with her brother Jinx or as a companion to another active kitty as she will need a kitty playmate.

Timber also loves her human’s company and will sit on your lap and purr for hours.

She’s great with her litter box.

Adoption fee $175



CMCR #2677


DSH – Black/ and White Tuxedo


Age: 4 months old.


Date Available – Now

Jinx is a playful, talkative tuxedo kitten who will make all his needs and wants clear with a wide range of adorable mews, chirps, and trills. He loves to run and play and to keep his people company as they type or read. He is great with other cats and would love a playful companion. 


Consider him as a friend to add to a multi-cat household or adopt him along with his sister Timber.
He hasn’t had experience with kids or dogs, but is bold and should do well with either or both. He’s clean and neat and uses his litter box faultlessly. 

Adoption fee: $175



CMCR #2688


DSH –Black & White Tuxedo

Age: 1 year


Available: NOW



Emerson is an affectionate young fellow with a long tail to go with his long, lean physique. He weighs 11 pounds and may still have more growing to do!


Emerson drinks water with his paw so he needs a bigger water bowl to keep water from splashing on the floor.


He has fastidious litter box habits and thoroughly covers all of his work. 


Emerson gets along with most cats but not all so he may do best as an only cat.

Adoption fee: $165



CMCR #2542


DMH – Brown and Black Tabby

Approximate Age: 3 years

Date Available – NOW

Yami is a beautiful, petite 3-year-old tabby who thinks she’s a kitten. She loves to play with every manner of toy available—balls, tiny mice, tunnels, things humans flick around on “fishing” poles or wands, etc. She chases balls with the expert moves of a soccer player.

Yami will start out being shy but as she becomes comfortable with her adoptive human she will reveal herself to be an amusing little character. She will bring years of entertainment and companionship to her new family.

Yami enjoys perching on the top of a cat tree or relaxing on comfy furniture while hanging out with the humans in her foster home.

Yami would be happiest having a adult cat playmate. It takes a period of adjustment and gradual introductions, but Yami has enjoyed the company of other cats and like to have them around (as long as they are not rambunctious kittens).

Numerous children have come to visit Yami and she is relaxed around them (Experience is with ages 5 and up). She has never been around dogs. 

Yami is a lovely cat, who has the softest hair imaginable, looking  forward to settling down in a home of her own.

Adoption Fee - $150



Female DLH – Black and White Tuxedo

Approximate Age: 1.5 years

Date Available – NOW

Tulip is a 1.5 year old female, long haired tuxedo cat. She is a petite girl, weighing about 7.5 pounds. She is gentle and sweet. 

Tulip has lived with friendly cats in the past and has done well with them. She is very nervous around children and would be most happy in a calm, predictable and quiet home.

She loves to play with her toys and would thrive with some safe, well monitored, outdoor time. 

Tulip spent the first year of her life mostly living outdoors. She was pregnant at about 9 months old, then was surrendered to the humane society where she gave birth and spent time with her kittens until they were weened and adopted.

Tulip is on a special diet due to stress she had living in a home that was too busy for this calm and gentle girl. She developed stress urinary crystals, but the diet is working well.

Tulip loves to be pet, but not to be picked up. She is very vocal, and will tell you all about how her day is going. She is excellent about using a scratching post. 

Tulip is not a needy cat. She does like attention, but is quite happy going off and doing her own thing. She likes to be in the room with her people and likes to be pet, but never demands it or asks for it. She prefers not to be held. She 's not a lap cat now, but likes to sit next to, and sleep with her people. 

She may warm up more and become more cuddly in the right home

Tulip would be fine as an only cat and would be happy with a nice companion cat as well.

Adoption fee: $165

Phil & Lil (Bonded Pair)

CMCR #2691 & #2692

Male & Female Siblings 


DSH - Brown Tabby/Abyssinian Mixes


Approximate Age: 4.5 months old.


Date Available – NOW 


Phil and Lil are the sweetest pair! They love each other and can't wait to be home together forever. 


Phil is a sweet and playful kitten. He loves chasing the spring, balls, toy mice, and his sister Lil. Once playtime is done, he wants a warm lap or a cozy blanket nest. He is timid at first, and it will take him time to warm up to new people, but he is quite social once comfortable and likes to be around his people. It will take him time to settle into a new home and new people. 


Lil is curious, energetic, and cuddly.  She loves playtime with string toys, chasing springs, watching screens, sneaking up on brother Phil, and pouncing on him! She makes an excellent coworker and leans hard into ear scratches.


Both kittens adore pets, treats, and interactive playtime. They love to run and jump, use their scratching post, and have great litterbox manners. 


They are energetic, and love to play and wrestle with each other. 


They are both very gentle and would do great with a family setting with respectful kids. 


Because Phil can be a bit more reserved around new situations, a calm and predictable home would be best.

Adoption fee $400 pair



CMCR #2633


DSH – White with Grey Tabby Spots

Approximate Age: 4 months old

Date Available – NOW

Hey, I’m Faera, a female Domestic Shorthair with white and grey fur and a few black stripes too.

I am a bundle of pure energy in cat form, I love to play, run, climb and bounce off of every wall from one end of the room to the other! I can make a toy out of just about anything, but I really love feathers, crinkle balls and jingle balls.

I’m a very independent girl who likes to do what she wants when she wants, but I also like to cuddle when it suits me.

I like to keep my claws well maintained so I’ll need something to scratch up like a kitty tree, scratching post or even just a piece of wood, I’ve already learned to use them all. I also know how to use the litter box all by myself, and I can use clay litter or wood shavings, I’m a very versatile kitty.

Come say hi some time and I’m sure we’ll become best of friends, then I can crash at your place forever. 

By the way I'm an avid boulderer, so if you have a climbing wall, bonus points!

For my forever home - I really need a kitten playmate. I am very high energy and need someone who can keep up with my non-stop entertainment!

Adoption Fee - $175


CMCR #2586


DSH - Brown Tabby

Approximate Age: 5 months old

Available- NOW

With Finn in your home, you’ll have two different cats. One who sleeps in your bed and be the little spoon all night, and another who is constantly playing and having his own WWE match, often times forgetting he’s bigger than his siblings.

Anything is a toy to this little guy, but really likes to play in cardboard boxes and peacock feathers.

He gets concerned when his humans shower and will meow until everyone is on dry land again. He loves to join you on the computer, helping you type as he walks across the keyboard.

Finn needs another friend that can keep up with him and isn’t afraid of some rough housing. 

He’s never been around dogs or children but with the right introduction, he could adjust well.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2585


DSH - Brown Tabby

Approximate Age: 5 months old

Available- NOW

Clover is a precious little teddy bear whose main hobbies include napping, cuddling her siblings, and eating treats.

She loves sitting in the window watching the birds. Her absolutely favorite toys are squeaky birds and mice, and anything with feathers. She’s more independent and mostly sleeps in the living room on soft blankets and cat beds.

Clover is more on the calm side as she doesn’t seek out wrestling with her siblings, but she can hold her own if they instigate play with her. She also has moments of zoomies and will chase others around, tackling them when she catches up. But easily gets tuckered out and needs another nap.

Clover would love another kitty who would respect her alone time, but also someone who will snuggle and wrestle. She’s never been around children, but if they’re respectable, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

She’s also never been around dogs, and would probably prefer to keep it that way.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2587


DSH - Brown Tabby with White

Approximate Age: 5 months old

Available- NOW

Harley (aka HQ) is a spitball of fire that is ready to wrestle, play and run wild.

She spends most of her time wrestling her siblings and sitting in the window, meowing at the world outside. She often gets the zoomies and sprints from one side of the house to another, par-kouring off items along the way. She turns anything into a toy, but especially loves laser pointers, peacock feathers, and anything that makes noise.

HQ LOVES her humans and will sit right next to you watching whatever it is you’re doing. Closed doors aren’t for her, as she prefers to sleep in bed with her humans, but will settle for a cat bed near by. She really likes to play in dirt, and is sometimes naughty climbing into and eating house plants.

Harley would love another kitty to play with that can match her energy. 

She’s never been around dogs or children, but with the right introduction, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Adoption fee: $175

Melba Toast

CMCR #2573


DSH - White and Black

Approximate Age: 4 month old

Available: NOW


Say hello to this pint-sized purrfection known a s Melba Toast.

Melba is a 4 month old tuxedo kitten with a penchant for pouncing, a genius IQ in the art of play, and a love for other feline friends!

This feline prodigy not only knows his name (bonus points for the dramatic head turn when called), but he specializes in pounces, wrestling and chasing.

If you're looking for a playful partner-in-crime with the brains to match, Melba is your go-to kitty.

Get ready for endless entertainment and rewarding cuddles on the couch– adopt him and prepare to be charmed by his wiles and always have a Netflix buddy that won’t steal the remote!

Melba is a very intelligent kitten. At 4 months old he is still learning a lot but is pretty much a genius already! He is athletic, enthusiastic and full of Sass.

He loves all the household cats, especially his young mother, Pita.  He will need to be adopted with another energetic cat (Pita would be great!) or go to a home with another playful, friendly companion.

Melba hasn't met any doggies yet but might do ok with proper introductions. 

Melba does still occasionally need reminding that hands are not for biting...only toys or wrestling with the other cats! But he has come a long way and really craves attention.

 He has very good litterbox habits. Melba Toast is easy to love. Come meet him today! 

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2574


DSH - White and Black

Approximate Age - 10 months

Date Available - NOW

Pita - she IS the cat’s meow!

Ready to adopt a furball of curiosity and charm?

Meet our fabulous feline wonder Pita, a beautiful tuxedo cat who's just earned her honorary "Super Mom" cape!

She's finished her mom duties with flying colors and is now ready to embark on her own epic adventure.

This sassy tuxedo diva is as independent as they come – she's got a curious nose for mischief, a soft heart (and coat) that melts even the toughest of humans, and a spunky spirit that's ALWAYS up for playtime.

Social butterfly? Absolutely! She'll be the life of your kitty party, charming everyone with leaps, and thunderous purrs.

If you're seeking a soft, spunky companion with a heart full of stories, look no further. Our tuxedo queen is ready to rule your heart and play her way into your life!

Pita was a teen mom and still a true kitten at heart at 9 months old. She has piercing, golden eyes with a single black teardrop on one eye.

She’s a very striking and glamorous girl. This whisker-twitching dynamo is a playful explorer who's on a mission to investigate every nook and cranny of your heart.

Pita is very social and loves to follow her foster mom wherever she goes and adores all the other cats in the household. She loves to play with toys and her 2 kittens.

She will need another playful cat companion in her new home.  Consider also adopting her son Melba...they make a great pair!

Pita hasn't met any doggies yet but might do ok with proper introductions.  She would do well with older children that can respect when she has been overstimulated. 

 She has very good litterbox habits. She is easy to love. Come meet her today!

Adoption Fee - $175


CMCR #2599


DSH- Brown Tabby

Approximate Age - 5 months old

Date Available - NOW

Rowan is the smallest of his siblings. He is very playful. He has a cute move where he arches his back and jumps sideways at his siblings.

He like to be held but recently only short cuddling because he wants to run around and wrestling siblings.

Since he is so young we know to expect, with time, he will settle into more and more snuggles with his people.

Rowan loves playing with his siblings, and would love to go home with his brother Willow, but either way will need a kitty playmate in his forever home. 

He is great with children, and other animals.

Adoption Fee - $175

Ms. Peanut

CMCR #2530


DSH - Calico

Approximate Age: 3 years old

Available: NOW

Ms peanut is a sweet and playful 3 year old tortoiseshell kitty. She likes to be near her people and in the same room most of the time. She makes eye contact like an old soul and is a loyal friend.

She is talkative and chirps when she is scratched under her chin. She carries her little mouse toy in her mouth and loves to play fetch with it.

She responds to invitations to come get petted and sleeps at the foot the bed. Also, when inspired you might find her swirling in a circle hilariously chasing her tail.

Ms peanut would do well in a calm home and has lots of love to give. She would do best being an only-pet or in a home with a passive cat. She also needs her people home a lot to give her attention and spoil her! Being alone stresses this poor girl. 

Adoption fee: $150


CMCR #2528


DSH - Gray & White

Approximate Age: 13 years old

Date Available: NOW! 

Bubba is a big, very sweet cat that loves to chit chat with his human. He loves curling up under the blanket and sleeping. He also will headbutt you for pets if he's unable to convince you with his singing. He enjoys a good belly rub and will cuddle sometimes, but of course that’s on his terms!

Bubba is great with people, but he avoids other cats and dogs, just simply preferring not to interact with them. He was a farm cat so animals like mice, guinea pigs, other rodent-like animals, or any bird homes would not be great as he would hunt them.

He's been in both quiet and noisy homes, but thrives best in one where he can enjoy the safe outdoors, sitting among the trees and laying in the grass. He will need to come inside at night for safety.

Bubba would love his own human in a home where he can be inside whenever he wants and have access to all the rooms of the house, especially ones with his human in it. He can be especially vocal, so a attentive person would be ideal for Mr. Bubba, and a scratching post, he loves scratching posts. 

Adoption fee: $80


CMCR #2470


DSH – Black/White Tuxedo

Approximate Age: 4 years

Date Available – Now!

Poppy is a sweet, curious and smart cat. She is great with people and is a great house cat, but loves a safe outdoor space at her forever home.

Poppy enjoys cozy napping spots, playful toys and playing outdoors. Once she warms up to her situation and feels safe, she will show affection in her way - maybe rubbing up against your legs, sleeping in bed with you, getting an ear scratch or just allowing you to be in her presence. She is not a big fan of being held or picked up too often and is definitely more of an independent lady.

Poppy loves the outdoors so we consider her an indoor/outdoor cat. Safety is very important so a fully fenced yard or catio will help contain her as she isn't known to be a wanderer.

Poppy is a young, healthy and smart cat that could be a good companion for years to come.

Poppy needs to feel safe and secure. The best home for her would be calm and quiet.

Poppy will need to be an only-animal in her forever home. She has made it clear that other cats and dogs are not her thing, and she wants to be independent with her people.

Adoption fee: $130

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