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You can access our adoption application here:

+If you are interested in a Foster to Adopt (FTA) Cat, please read details on the program below and apply through the regular adoption application link above.

+If you are interested in becoming one of our amazing foster parents, please click on the Foster Program Page and apply there. 

*Please make sure to specify the Cat's Name and CMCR ID number related to the cat you are inquiring about. If you are unsure of which cat is the right fit for you, apply with preferences and include that information in the application. We try to match the right family to each of our cats.

*We prefer young cats/kittens to be adopted in pairs unless you already have a cat or kitten in the home. Some cats prefer to be alone and we take this into consideration when appropriate. 

*All of our cats and kittens are neutered and spayed, vaccinated for FVRCP and rabies, flea treated, wormed, and micro-chipped before adoption or are available in the foster to adopt program until they are fixed. See more details below on that program 

*If cats are posted as "BONDED PAIR" that means those cats are to be adopted together. We have found that they have created a special bond and should stay together. They must be adopted together. 

*Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.


Occasionally we may use our Foster To Adopt (FTA) program. We created this program at the beginning of the COVID pandemic when we had an influx of cats in our care who needed veterinary services (most commonly spays and neuters), but we had no options to fulfil this need. This lack of services necessitated the creation of a plan. Thus, the FTA program was born. This program allowed kitties to settle into their forever homes while awaiting those requires medical services. Now we are using this program again for the same reason. Vet services are very hard to come by and often our young cats have to wait several months for their spays and neuters. Other medical procedures have a wait as well. Again, we want these kitties to be able to go to their own homes while they wait to be fixed so the FTA program is a wonderful pathway to adoption for them.

**The adoption listing will note whether a specific cat is available for the FTA program. This program is ONLY available to cats awaiting medical services, commonly spay/neuter.


1. If you believe the right kitty for your home is one that is listed as available “NOW through our Foster to Adopt Program” in their bio, please continue reading for what the Foster to Adopt Program entails.

2. Apply using the regular adoption link above. One of our board member volunteers will contact you (most likely via email) about your application and any questions. They will bring you up to speed on any medical history and share details about the cats personality, what they like and don’t like, habits, etc and see if you home is the right fit for that kitty, and vice versa.

3. If everyone is in agreement that this may be the right match, we connect you with the current foster parent to arrange a meet and greet so that we can check your connection, and so that you can be confident in the decision for the kitty. 

4. You will need to sign a FTA agreement and pay the adoption fee as listed. The amount of time you’re given to FTA varies based on how soon the cat can be scheduled for veterinary services. This can be considered a “trial run”, a chance to see whether the cat you’ve chosen is a perfect fit for your household. Please remember the Foster to Adopt Process is only available for cats needing medical services, and we can not put a healthy and ready to adopt cat in the FTA process for the sole purpose of a "trial".

5. Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue will cover approved medical expenses that occur while the cat is under your foster care in the FTA process. CMCR has sole authority on all medical decisions while in the Foster to Adopt Program as we are still held responsible when they are in this program.. You do need to provide transportation to Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue’s veterinarian when needed. This includes spay/neuter services when available. You must also adhere to all conditions in the signed Foster to Adopt Agreement.

6. At the end of your FTA trial, you choose whether or not you want to officially adopt your new friend! If you choose to adopt, once your cat has all mutually agreed upon veterinary services completed (likely spay/neuter) an adoption agreement will be completed at one of our partnered PetSmart locations. If for some reason your FTA wasn’t a match for you, your cat/kitten will be placed back into the Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue’s regular foster program so they can continue their search for a forever home and you will be refunded 100% of the adoption fee.

*Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue will not adopt any cat that has not been spayed or neutered. 

*Cats in the FTA program are required to come to one of our partnering PetSmart locations at a mutually scheduled time with a CMCR representative for official adoption to graduate from the Foster to Adopt Program. Adoption includes completing the final adoption paperwork, giving the adoptive parents all medical records your kitty received while in the care of CMCR. And finally, posing for a photo with your new family member.

We are so grateful to the community for all their support! Without you, we could not work towards our mission of lessening the populations of cats in our community and creating opportunities for some lucky people to meet even luckier cats. Thank you for your support – it truly does take a village! And – it is all about the cats!

Once you adopt a kitty, here are some helpful tips:

New Cat ~ Helpful Hints & Tips

(thank you Amelia!)


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